From: stormreaver
Written: 2023-10-11 13:15:36.126996
Subject: Quest 3 Purchase

I love VR, and I've always been a big fan of the Oculus Quest, so I was excited when the Quest 3 was approaching its launch date. I saw that preorders were open, and that they could be preordered through both Walmart and Best Buy. Where I live, Best Buy is inside city limits, while there is a Walmart outside city limits. Ordering through that Walmart means I don't have to pay city sales tax, so that's what I did. Walmart's website said delivery would be one day after the launch date, but I was happy with that if it meant saving $27 on sales tax. We preordered five days prior to the launch date, and were happy with expectation.

As launch day approached, I checked in on Walmart's delivery status page from time to time. The progress indicator never moved beyond the "Order Placed" stage. My wife and I get nervous, so we called Walmart's customer service number (ugh). Not only did the terrible customer service meet our expectations, it far exceeded them. I'll skip the details, but it was a death-inducing experience.

Through the thick accent of the customer service employee, we were told that there was a hold on my payment (he gave some ridiculous reasoning which I no longer remember) that would be released as soon as Walmart took the money from my bank account. However, I checked my bank account and found that Walmart took the money within minutes of when I placed the order. Ssstttrriike one!

He then told us that there was a warranty period in which we could exchange our defective Quests should the need arise. I started to get very annoyed at this point, as the Quests we ordered hadn't even started the fulfillment process. Why the hell is he talking about warranties at this point?! Ssstttrriike two!

We asked to speak to a supervisor, so we were transferred to someone else with a similarly thick, hardly intelligible accent. After wading through a difficult ocean of irrelevant nonsense, and finding that this guy didn't have a supervisor, we eventually pried out of him that Walmart didn't have any Quest 3 stock to sell on release day, or even the day after. However, he assured us that despite having no stock to sell, the non-existent Quests would be delivered on schedule. Ssstttrriike three! You're out!

I canceled the order, and resorted to using my credit card (we had bought from Walmart with my debit card since we had the cash) to buy online from Best Buy. About twenty minutes later, Best Buy had notified me that both Quests were ready for pickup. I drove to Best Buy, waited in the pickup line for about ten to fifteen minutes, then drove back home with both Quests in hand.

Walmart's website says they are holding my $1500+ for up to ten days before giving it back. That is insane. I will never again buy any electronics from Walmart.
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