From: stormreaver
Written: 2023-07-10 14:47:44.16021
Subject: The Power of Cross Platform

My household is a primarily Linux one. My kids each have a Windows laptop, though, only to play the occasional video game that doesn't work well (or rarely, at all) under Steam's Proton layer. For everything else, we all use Linux desktops.

We all like making videos for our respective YouTube channels, and I taught my entire family how to use Kdenlive for their video editing. They have all gotten pretty good with it, and generally like it. It's a good, stable non-linear video editor, and it keeps improving with time.

At one point, one of my sons decided he wanted to try video editing on his Windows laptop. He knew his software options under Windows were greater than under Linux, and he briefly considered trying something else. I told him he could try something else if he wanted to, but that I didn't have the ability to help him when he got stuck. Most of my video editing knowledge revolves around Kdenlive, and I didn't have the time or inclination to try something else. Kdenlive does its job well.

I told him that Kdenlive works under Windows, too, which he was happy to hear. He installed Kdenlive on his Windows laptop, and went about the business of editing one of his videos. Since he spends most of his time on his Linux desktop, though, this was a short-lived experiment. He went back to editing videos on Linux. He realized, though, that he was free to use either Linux or Windows to edit his videos with Kdenlive, so he just shrugged and went about his computing. He had no idea how unusual it is to experience that kind of freedom of choice. Even after I gave him a brief history of computer lock-in, he didn't really appreciate what he has. And that's they way it should be.

This demonstrates the power of cross platform software, how it makes an operating system a non-issue, and why operating systems should be free. They are just a platform for running software, and should never have become a central pillar of computing.
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