From: stormreaver
Written: 2023-06-12 21:30:48.139597
Subject: Spam Accounts

A lot of "people" have tried to compromise my blog, which doesn't come as a big surprise since I'm pretty sure they're all bots. Several accounts were created over the last year with suspicious looking usernames. I can only assume they are searching for vulnerable, popular web software.

But come on, attacking my personal blog?! That's laughable considering there's nothing here of any significance. I have to shake my head at the idiocy that is all too prevalent on the Web. -sigh-

My blog is unique on the Web. It's unique because I wrote it myself for myself. No one else uses it, and no one else ever will. It's very basic and contains nothing valuable to anyone but me.

I welcome people who want to hang out and chat. But if you want to cause trouble, please move on. There's nothing to see here.
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