From: stormreaver
Written: 2015-04-14 08:43:10.104236
Subject: Where Else Will Morals Come From?

I was going to say that this is perhaps the dumbest argument I have ever heard for religion. However, it would be impossible to choose just one religious argument as the dumbest ever. They are all so closely tied in their stupidity that I changed my mind about attempting the foolish errand of choosing just one.

The argument goes, "if not for religion [in this case, Christianity], how would we know that murder and rape are wrong?"


I could write a very, very long response to this particular piece of drivel. First off, let's get the most obvious stuff out of the way: The Christian Bible is founded on murder, rampant rape, slavery, pedophilia, genocide, and other crimes I can't recall off the top of my head. If that is what you consider moral, then you have huge psychological problems.

But now on to the other, equally obvious, but generally ignored response: Assuming that the Bible has anything remotely resembling morality, would you be off murdering people; raping men, women, and children; and committing other immoral acts if not for religion? If so, then you are one bad hair day away from needing to be locked up for the good of humanity. If not, then religion is not needed for this purpose.

Frankly, the most horrendous crimes against humanity have been perpetrated in the name of religion, not in the name of Atheism.
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