From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-12-02 14:03:34.633515
Subject: GRUB 2

I upgraded my 9.04 system to 9.10 a few days ago. More accurately, I tried to upgrade my 9.04 system to 9.10 a few days ago. When I clicked on the system tray icon that told me about the availability of the upgrade, I went through the normal series of steps that I've gone through several times in the past when performing upgrades. Everything upgraded smoothly, and I rebooted into a mess of a system. The video driver corrupted the hell out of my display, and the usability of my system went downhill fast. I decided that a fresh install was in order. I've gone through rolling system upgrades since Kubuntu 6.06 (or whatever the version number was back then), so I was due for a fresh install anyway. I have my home directory on a separate drive, so everything should have been fine. I did a fresh install, and rebooted my computer.

When GRUB got control of the system, it immediately died with a cryptic "Error 2". Nothing else; just "Error 2". A little Googling revealed that Error 2 indicates a drive that does not exist. I'm going to spare you the two days of agony that followed, and skip right to the point: do NOT mix IDE and SATA drives in the same system if you want anything resembling a painless installation of anything using GRUB.

Since the IDE hard drive was what I wanted to use to host the new install of 9.10, I physically disconnected all the other drives (all SATA) before starting the 9.10 installer for the billionth time. After the billionth successful installation, I rebooted my computer.

This time, the installation worked. I changed /etc/fstab to mount my /home hard disk on boot, and got all my old files back. Fortunately, all of my backups were on that drive, so I restored my web server and other backed up system files.

Let me reiterate: GRUB 2 does not play well with mixed drive systems. Have either everything IDE, or everything SATA. Do not use both, or you're going to run into some very unpleasant realities.
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