From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-09-13 10:09:08.476645
Subject: Obama Health Care

On the news a couple days ago, coverage of protests against the President's health care proposals showed this nugget of gross stupidity: when asked why she was protesting, one woman responded with: "We just feel like the Muslims are taking over."

What the FUCK?! Just when I think Americans can't get any stupider, I hear some dumbass spout idiotic nonsense like this. I'm all for keeping our politicians' heels to the fire, but we need reasoned debate rather than retarded, and plain wrong, personal attacks.

While Obama may be on the right track regarding health care reform, he is doing a very poor job detailing the nuts and bolts of how it is supposed to work. Like all politicians, he is providing overly broad generalizations instead of important details. He says things like his health care plan won't increase the budget deficit by one cent, but then stops there. He doesn't say how it's not going to increase the budget deficit. At the same time, the White House budget office says that his plan is going to cost $900 billion dollars over ten years. Those two things just do not reconcile. That's on top of the fact that the White House budget office has never accurately predicted costs under any administration. Costs have always been much higher than predicted.

Obama was, by far, the best choice for President of all the candidates (McCain would have been an unmitigated disaster only matched by dubyah), and he was voted in so resoundingly in part because of his pledge to fix our health care system. He's doing what he said he would do, and that's great. But he's failing to present an adequate plan to the public and to the Congress. As stupid as Republicans tend to be nowadays (even worse than they were over the last decade), they have one cogent point: where is the money? Don't tell us where the money could come from, as that is nothing more than wishful thinking. Tell us where the money is coming from. If funding for the plan is dependent on Congress acting after the fact, then the funding plan has already failed.
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