From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-06-22 17:33:23.465973
Subject: Kubuntu NVIDIA Driver Tutorial

While I was working on a game this morning, I decided that I was tired of seeing the system update notification icon staring at me. So I fired off Synaptic, and let it do the update. I noticed that the update included a new kernel, so I let the machine reboot when the update was done. I discovered that the NVIDIA kernel module for the new driver being installed (180.44) was broken, so I had no GLX. GLX is required for OpenGL, so my game development came to a halt.

I went to NVIDIA's web site, and downloaded the newest driver (185.18.14 -- Wow, Kubuntu is waaaay behind on video driver releases), but couldn't get it to install for various reasons. I eventually found this tutorial that explains how to get the kernel installed and integrated with DKMS:

I followed the instructions, and got the driver installed and running. GLX is back, and my game development moves forward. Although it's not hard for an experienced Linux administrator, I don't recommend this procedure for the faint of heart.
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