From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-02-06 14:16:24.408467
Subject: Oracle Driver For Qt 4

Although my Oracle driver for Qt 3 has been done for quite some time, I hadn't started work on porting it to Qt 4 until this week. The Qt SQL driver interface has changed somewhat between Qt 3 and Qt 4, and I haven't fully adapted my driver yet.

At this time, my driver can connect to Oracle, submit SQL, read column definitions, and return result sets using scrollable cursors. This is the majority of what the driver needs to do, but not everything.

I see a lot of hits on my web server resulting from Google searches for this driver, but there is no forum traffic either here or on my SourceForge page. Since I don't have any feedback, I'm assuming that the driver either meets or exceeds everyone's expectations, or it sucks so badly that nobody uses it.

If you've tried this driver, please let me know how it is (or isn't) working for you.
From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-02-09 18:50:32.066822
My Qt 4 Oracle driver is finished enough that I'm going to begin testing it with Database Architect. There don't appear to be any cursor or memory leaks when reading from the database, but I haven't yet tested inserts, updates, or deletes.

It will be nice to have Database Architect talking directly to Oracle (even though I think the database itself sucks compared to PostgreSQL), because I can't get away from it at work. Database Architect can parse basic Oracle "create table" statements, but that was a hack. If the driver works well, then Database Architect will soon be able to directly manipulate Oracle tables as well as it manipulates PostgreSQL tables.
From: javierfvargas
Written: 2009-02-14 17:02:31.555734
Is it possible you to public your driver at sourceforge as a new version of your previos work?
There ar lot of people needing such hack, and we could help you testing this.
From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-02-14 17:39:36.968705
I meant to publish it already, but just neglected to do so. I'll try to put it on my SourceForge project sometime tonight or tomorrow. It crashes Database Architect, so I was going to hold off uploading it, but it works fine for me when used outside of Database Architect (the parts of it I've tested, anyway).

I would certainly like to hear if it works for other people, so check back here or SourceForge tonight or tomorrow morning (USA time). I should have it uploaded by then.
From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-02-14 18:12:51.842884
I posted it to SourceForge. If you have any issues with it, please post them here; I don't check SourceForge all that often.
From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-02-14 18:25:40.124147
I want to emphasize that I have not used any inserts, updates, or deletes with this driver, so use extreme caution (and a test account!) when accessing your database with it. This is very, VERY alpha/borderline beta, so could potentially have disastrous consequences.
From: stormreaver
Written: 2021-01-15 21:24:47.742963
It wasn't long after I wrote this that we started migrating away from Oracle at work, so all my work on this driver came to an end years ago. The driver is now abandonware, as I hope to never have to work with Oracle again as long as I live.
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