From: stormreaver
Written: 2009-01-24 16:54:22.689935
Subject: Possible Vista Capable Settlement

CRN is reporting that Microsoft may face up to $8B (yes, Billion) in losses in order to settle its "Vista Capable" shenanigans.

My opinion is that if Microsoft's stickers said something to the effect of "Vista Basic Capable", then Microsoft would probably have been okay. But Microsoft wanted to eat at both ends of the trough, owners of low end machines and owners of high end machines, knowing full well that customers would see a huge difference between Vista Basic and "The Vista That Does Stuff". Microsoft also realized that their customers would revolt if they knew ahead of time that "The Vista That Does Stuff" required a major computer upgrade.

Hence, Microsoft came up with a deceptive campaign that took advantage of people's natural tendency to automatically fill ambiguous information gaps with whatever conclusion is subtly suggested to them. It was therefore intended by Microsoft that "Vista Capable" would be interpreted by the masses as meaning "able to run the advertised features of 'The Vista That Does Stuff.'"

While Microsoft deserves every bit of the potential $8B settlement costs (and more), hardware sellers were very willingly complicit in the whole charade, and should also bare a commensurate legal sanction.
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